Yarn and Dreams


I have been researching local yarn shops. They are not easy to come by in this area and they seem to be open only during regular business hours (for the most part) and Saturdays. This means I can't get to them! But I think I shall scoot out a itty bit early today (slow day, boss away) and go to the closest one.

I'm trying really hard to find some variegated cotton yarn for a scarf project I saw but it is impossible to locate the type of yarn I want for it. The discovery that variegated cotton yarn in a worsted weight is so difficult to come by led me to think of learning to dye my own.

Who knew that was so difficult and kind of dangerous? I've read talk of burning holes in things and protective garments. Have I mentioned I'm a bit seriously clumsy? Well, I am so this gives me serious pause. Also, I would need someplace to do this type of work. And time to do it. So it is not looking good at the moment (or more likely, ever). Besides all that there is so much to learn before I even begin. Time people. Time I don't have right now. And when I look to the future I see no time there either.

But! The fact I found a scarf pattern I might actually complete has me smiling. Also, I ordered a bunch of needles today. Nice wood circulars and interchangeable circulars - YAY! Can't wait to get them. I may learn this sock knitting thing after all. Or not. We'll see.

I have a new, totally never going to happen, dream. I'd like to open a yarn shop (I know the perfect spot.) that carries everything but wool. I'm allergic to wool so no wool in my shop! I could have some cutesy name all kinds of fiber alternatives to wool. I would have a place to hand dye yarn and some comfy furniture for people to hang and knit on. Maybe a coffee corner with some yummy dessert type foods. Yarn every where that I could use!

As I said though, never going to happen. I have no business sense and I'm far too lazy. I would have to deal with banks and loans and real estate and learning how one buys things as a retailer. GAH! And tax things. I would actually need an accountant! And I would end up going out of business because I could pretty much guarantee my area couldn't support something like that. I'm betting the majority of knitters where I live (I know they must be out there) are buying their yarn at walmart. Not likely to spend the kind of money required at a shop like I described.

So bankruptcy and destitution would be the result of that dream. Still, the dream makes me happy.

What's making you smile this Wednesday?


Cursing Mama said...

thinking of you in a smock with dangerous chemicals just as a boychild does something totally testosterone driven is kinda making me smile.

Have you seen the book No Sheep for you or something like that? all about yarn that is not wool - also the knitters book of yarn includes wool but also everything else. Very good

Are you ravelerying yet? I forget..