Linky Love


'Tis Love Thursday in blogland and I'm expressing my love through links to some of my favorite bloggers.

First, we have Cursingmama's How Green Are You?
As you can see, my green IQ is 63. I have no idea how this stacks up against anyone else except for what the site below tells me - not too bad.
My GreenIQ is 63

The next blogger you should definitely check out, if you haven't already, is Sharon Lyn over at s.m.ART. She got me addicted to FreeRice. I'm loving this site!

My highest vocab level is 42 and I've donated thousands of grains of rice since I discovered this site last night. I'm getting pissed though because I can't get past level 42. I have learned a few new words though. I've also repeatedly gotten a couple wrong. So I suppose I can be taught but I can also be especially dimwitted.

My favorite word I came across was omphaloskepsis. Do you know what this means? No? I didn't but I should. I've linked to the answer. Now tell me the truth... did you know what it means?

I must sign off now because the power keeps going out here at work and I must actually do some work while I still can.


Sharon said...

I know, I love Free Rice! I can't stay away from it! I am also struggling to raise my level past 42.

Did I mention that you are one of my favorite bloggers, too? :)

I have no idea what omphaloskepsis means...none whatsoever...the itch is beginning to go back to Free Rice and find out :)