It seems that as honest as I've tried to be here, I haven't quite made it. There are some important details that I try to ignore now that the crisis has passed. Details that hurt. Details that would probably make all my angst make a bit more sense. Or maybe not.

Regardless, here they are:

  • The week of the 'incident', my husband was IMing, e-mailing and went out for drinks one evening with the object of his crush.
  • The following week he was not wanting to end all contact. (He felt it would be fine. I felt he was killing me. Even now it makes my chest tight.)
  • He emailed her after I asked him to stop. He also felt it was necessary to explain in person why he couldn't see to her anymore.
  • He was upset that the one and only time he has seen her since she did not approach and/or talk to him.
  • He is still sad they couldn't stay friends.
I'm sure there are more but thinking about this is killing me and I've been feeling better so I'm going to leave off for now.

Feel free to tell me I'm making too big a deal out of this and he's done nothing wrong. (It's what he keeps telling me.)