Bad Time of Year


This is definitely a bad time of year to start a new blog.

Reason #1: End of/Beginning of Month: My busiest time at work.

Reason #2: Sports. Sports. And even more sports. Baseball and lacrosse are very time consuming. And no, I don't play any sports except the sport of reading. My boys play. All of them. All 4 of them.

Reason #3: The weather. It is getting nicer out - finally! - and I would rather spend a bit of time outside than in on the computer. Or maybe not. But I do HAVE to spend more time outside tending to things. Things like the children. And eventually I will have to tend to the yard. The yard that currently looks like we live in an abandoned building. I hate yard work and gardening. Someone save me!

Reason #4: Since I'm going to try to keep this blog anonymous, I can't blog at night while the family is around. It will be interesting to see if I can pull it off.

There it is. A total cliche of the Springtime blog of someone with offspring.