Me Loves A Date Night


Especially one I don't have to plan.

My husband has planned a date night and to say I am excited would be like saying I am mildly glad my children are past the "Mommy, I need you to wipe my butt" phase.

  • First dinner. Where? Who knows and who cares. I believe he's chosen an actual restaurant. Not the type of place we attend with the children. (I think it might be here though. Which if it is? Yeessss!)
  • He has also secured care of the children.
  • He has won. Yes, won as in not paid for *whoot!* tickets to see Mike Doughty at the German House.
  • All I must do is show up.
The only downside?

I am old. And I forgot my earplugs at home.


Cursing Mama said...

Sounds Like Fun!