• Yesterday's weather was like a lover's caress, a warm breath wrapping around my skin like the softest blanket ever imagined. My skin felt free when I took off my socks. Socks, those things that have been constantly on my feet 24/7 for the last several months. It was beautiful and it made me feel beautiful.
  • Today it is cold and icy. Yuck.
  • I'm trying to talk myself out of ordering a bunch of books from Amazon for the kids. MUST. STOP. BUYING. THINGS. (We live down the street from a LIBRARY)
  • Trying to get up the courage to call HR about a maybe, potential, new, new job.
  • I do not have enough to do at work today. Which would be fine except everyone in the office can see when I'm not working. Looks bad. And this place is all about looks.
  • Wish I could be knitting instead.
  • Finally starting to get my Raverly account up and going.
  • Must really get to work - some just came in! Or I'll wait till the boss man comes back from lunch.


Cursing Mama said...

Gotta let me know your Ravelry handle & then you can see all the things I'm not knitting