The Angst That Ate NY


Google Ad on my blog:

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This is why I have a single google ad on my blog. Not for the money (none). For the entertainment value. Seriously, FUN-NY.

In other news, angst. Get over yourself already.

Wish I could but I'm in full on angst mode. Marriage makes me cry. No, not the husband, the marriage. Hating job more with each passing moment. The whispering - is it you they're talking and laughing about? Or are you just paranoid?

My guess is, I'm highly paranoid. In every area of my life.

The children. They neeeeed me. My mother is angryyyyy.

I might as well go eat worms. Everyone hates me and I can't keep on top of everything. I feel like I made a huge mistake going to work full time and am even missing and romanticizing my stay at home days. Yes, it's that bad.

Any suggestions for a good Get Out of Angst recipe?

It's almost like I'm 13 again.


Carmi said...

When the weather's good, I get on my bike - the one with the pedals - and I ride. The faster and further I go, the better. There's something remarkably cleansing about piloting a vehicle at 35 km/h and tossing it through curves that would make your mother turn white.

Suddenly, nothing else matters. It's just you and the basic laws of physics. Play 'em right and you get home in one piece, feeling good about life. Play 'em wrong and you're in a whole world of hurt. Either way, the experience forces me back to the elementalness of life.

And that's before I start inventing words!

Charo said...

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